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    The Clinical Adventurer has been specifically designed to engage and immerse students groups of nursing, paramedicine and medicine in clinical relevant activities while they experience the people, food and culture of their host country.


    Students will participate in observational clinical work experiences and sometimes have the opportunity to work along side local physicians in humanitarian health assistants roles as well as provide real-time basic life support training to community groups. These experiences often culminates with a local adventure activity which will provide funds for clincial equipment to be donated while the participants completing modules from the expedition medicine series.


    Or two current projects are below.

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    The Clinical Adventurer - Nepal has been specifically designed to engage and immerse students groups in Nepali communities with a focus on mountain medicine

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    Timor Leste

    The Clinical Adventurer - Timor has been specifically designed to engage and immerse students groups in Timorese culture with an emphasis on tropical medicine.

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  • First Aid - Fundamentals- 2020 participant

    This course easily outdid my expectation, and it was the most interesting and comprehensive first aid and first responder training I have been on to date. Very experienced instructor who simplified the complexity of providing medical care in a marine environment.

    Queensland Yacht Captain

    First Aid - Fundamentals - 2021 participant 

    People often laugh about first aid on a drop zone, but I found this course was extraordinarily helpful in learning how to manage a major trauma at our home drop zone. The instructor was an experienced paramedic and an experienced skydiver who understood the environment and gave us the confidence to manage a patient in the field. High recommend for any skydivers to attend this one!

    Marine First Aid - 2021 participant

    This training was some of the most interesting marine first aid training. The instructor was aces and we covered everything that was relevant to working in a marine environment.

    Free Diver First Responder  - 2021 participant

    Excellent! Instructor was very experienced paramedic with plenty of water experience to contextualise the training. Highly recommend this course.

    Marine First Responder - 2022 participant 

    This course was brilliant and a must do for anyone wishing to or heading off on a boat. This will give you confidence you need to take care for all kinds of injuries / illnesses when you are more than a few hours or days from help. Couldn’t recommend this course more.