• Remote First Aid Courses


  • Nationally Accredited Training

    Our first aid courses focus on teaching the professional skills required to respond to any emergency. Not only do we teach the skills, we teach you how to apply them to your environment.


    We draw on decades of emergency service, defence, academic instruction and expeditionary experience to teach first responders right! Courses are run by clinicians with extensive professional experience in challenging environments.

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    First Aid - Fundamentals of First Response


    A one day course that covers the fundamentals of responding to an emergency. You will complete the HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary resusitation and the HLTAID011- Provide First Aid certifications.


    The rapid patient assessment

    Responding to a cardiac arrest (CPR, defibrillation)
    Choking, asthma and anaphylaxis

    Trauma management (incl burns, fractures)
    Envenomation management

    Seizure managment
    Massive bleeding (arterial tourniquets, junctional bleeding)
    Improvised techniques

    Working with emergency services.


    Student handbook


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    Remote First Aid - Extended Care Planning and Preparation


    A three day course that teaches the fundamentals of first aid whilst operating in a remote environment. In addition to the above, you will complete the HLTAD013 - Provide first aid in a remote or isolated site. You will also complete the following expedition skills,



    River crossing techniques

    Heat & Hydration

    Teamwork and resilience

    Minor wounds, blisters, bites

    Search and rescue techniques

    Rope work for basic rescues and


    Emergency shelters / Improvised


    Navigation techniques

    Communication within a team

    Field hygiene

    Water purification

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    Custom courses


    All of our courses are customisable, based on your experience, environment and needs. We recognise that all teams and individuals come with strengths and weaknesses. Our aim is to help you develop into capable responders.


    Additional offerings


    HLTAID015 -Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy

    HLTAID014 - Provide advanced first aid

    PUAEME008 - Provide pain management

    SISSS00126 - Wilderness first aid


    Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909 and Survive First AID RTO 40764


    Drug administration

    Expedition planning

    Incident response planning

    Gear familiarisation

    Immersive simulation

  • Our courses suit any environment

    Our courses are designed for organisations, teams and community groups who are keen to develop their core clinical skills in their specific environments.


    We have worked with yachting groups, documentary filmmakers, research teams, outdoor educators, police teams, cadet units and dive boats.


    We believe in small class sizes and small student to instructor ratios. We will match you with an instructor who understands your environment, challenges and needs.


    To find out more, or book your course, contact our training team at

    hello@exploramedicine.com.au or fill in the form below.


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  • First Aid - Fundamentals- 2020 participant

    This course easily outdid my expectation, and it was the most interesting and comprehensive first aid and first responder training I have been on to date. Very experienced instructor who simplified the complexity of providing medical care in a marine environment.

    Queensland Yacht Captain

    First Aid - Fundamentals - 2021 participant 

    People often laugh about first aid on a drop zone, but I found this course was extraordinarily helpful in learning how to manage a major trauma at our home drop zone. The instructor was an experienced paramedic and an experienced skydiver who understood the environment and gave us the confidence to manage a patient in the field. High recommend for any skydivers to attend this one!

    Marine First Aid - 2021 participant

    This training was some of the most interesting marine first aid training. The instructor was aces and we covered everything that was relevant to working in a marine environment.

    Free Diver First Responder  - 2021 participant

    Excellent! Instructor was very experienced paramedic with plenty of water experience to contextualise the training. Highly recommend this course.

    Marine First Responder - 2022 participant 

    This course was brilliant and a must do for anyone wishing to or heading off on a boat. This will give you confidence you need to take care for all kinds of injuries / illnesses when you are more than a few hours or days from help. Couldn’t recommend this course more.