• The Explora Medicine Story

    Established in 2020 as a family-run business on the Gold Coast, Australia, we set our goal to provide the very best healthcare to remote teams operating in what would be defined as extreme environments. Having run a successful expedition company that shut down due to the global pandemic, Sunny and Shelly founded what would soon become Explora Medicine in the midst of the international shutdown as a way of providing logistical health, water safety, and medical support to remote documentary film teams who were still operating around the globe. Having worked with Sunny over a decade ago, a chance meeting in 2021 brought Nick into the fold as a new demand for training began to grow. Throughout 2022 -2023 the platform shifted its focus towards training and education and a name-change to Explora Medicine more aligned with the platforms future.


    Since that time Explora Medicine has aligned itself as an industry leader in health care in extreme environments and the platform has grown to provide services to film crews, research teams, documentary groups, and exploratory teams as well as developing a training academy and media arm.


    Simply to make it as safe as possible for groups of people to explore the wildlands of the earth through quality remote healthcare and safety training, while educating our teams and developing our own practices to protect the environment, cultures, and places we explore.

  • Our Ethos

    Our people are your people and our people are just like you.

    We are clinicians, adventurers, writers, readers, and content creators who share a similar passion for exploring remote and extreme environments while keeping people safe. What better way to do it than scaffold our responsible travel, training and adventure CPD policy on three key areas.

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    Minimising our impact on the environment and protecting the planet.

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    Improving health literacy through education programs and cultural competence.

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    Creating a safe and positive working environment for all staff

  • About Explora Medicine

    Exploring remote environments, researching hard-to-reach places, and remote filming can be exciting and transformative, but it’s not always easy to achieve. At Explora Medicine we believe it should be accessible for everyone to experience!


    Explora Medicine was born from this belief and from our own experiences on expeditions, humanitarian health care deployments, and remote filming projects. While each experience was different, they all shared a similarity in that people required medical care in resource-poor and remote areas. But it wasn’t just the challenge of providing health care in these extreme environments that was generating interest, it was the potential training opportunities and also the people and the experiences themselves. The stories not told, the pictures not seen, the dialogue not captured. It was a gap that was recognised and a gap that needed to be filled. So we set about a new task. To build something new from the ground up and navigate two growing healthcare opportunities (training and media).


    Explora Medical Media is now an independent media platform that merges three industries (Health Care, Exploration, and Publishing). It brings to life the stories and experiences of health care in extreme environments.


    The Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine is an independent educational platform that offers the only Southern Hemisphere based Clinical fellowship in Extreme Environment Medicine


    We don’t just survive in these environments, our team thrives, so if you have a project requiring remote medical care that you’d like help with please get in touch.

    Good Medicine in Extreme Places

  • Books

    Every book sold is supporting safe water projects in India, Nepal and Uganda

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