• Expedition Medicine Life Support (EMLS)


    'EMLS Course'

  • The EMLS Program

    The internationally-renowned Expedition Medicine Life Support (EMLS) Program is a four-day program aimed to introduce the fundamental skills of expedition medicine to participants while building their ability to operate as a competent member of an expedition medical team.


    The EMLS curriculm is owned by the Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine and has been accredited for 22.5 CPD / Fellowship credits.


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    Modes of Delivery

    The EMLS program is delivered through a combination of:

    • Didactic lectures in the field
    • Practical training
    • Practical scenarios

    The goal is to maximise the development of practical skills that enable the participant to operate safely as part of an expedition medical team.

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    Certifications and Awards

    Expedition Medicine Life Support (EMLS) Certificate


    Accredited Transcript from the Academy of Extreme Environment Medicine

    • Core topics accredited to 22.5 fellow / CPD hours




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    Location and Dates


    5 - 9 August 2024 Gold Coast QLD

    9 - 13 September 2024 Blue Mountains NSW

  • Topics

    • Rapid patient assessment
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    • Fracture management & dislocations
    • Improvised splints
    • Wound management (minor and catastrophic)
    • Airway and choking management
    • Asthma
    • Allergies and anaphylaxis
    • Heat & hydration
    • Hypothermia & non-freezing injury
    • Envenomation management
    • Lightning and electrical Injury
    • Seizure and epilepsy
    • Field hygiene
    • Water purification
    • Food preparation and fire pit safety
    • River crossing techniques
    • Search and rescue techniques
    • Rope work for basic rescues and evacuations
    • Radio communications
    • Emergency shelters
    • Improvised shelters
    • Night navigation techniques

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    Download the EMLS Program below